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1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair

1:54 is a platform for galleries, artists, curators, art centres and museums involved in African and Africa related projects and aims to promote art by established and emerging talents amongst an international audience.

On Friday 17 October, Syowia will give a public talk at the Somerset House on her informal collaboration with James Muriuki. They will share their individual processes and discuss how they influence each other. Syowia’s film ”Between Us, 2013" will be screened same day from 12 - 1pm.

Art Lab Africa is presenting Syowia's work at the art fair along with artists, Paul Onditi, James Muriuki, Peterson Kamwathi and Arlene Wandera. Kenya has a strong presentation in the fair, which is running now for the second time at Somerset House

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What's Wrong, Dear Jane?

Syowia is in the process of developing work for the Kenya Art fair for which Kuona Trust Centre for Visual Arts has commissioned. She will perform within her installation for the private opening night.

The work titled, What’s Wrong, Dear Jane explores the emotions and relationships that come with being and functioning as a woman in our society. Syowia focuses on the ways that women's bodies are seen as belonging to the community--the community of family, the neighbourhood, the village, a circle of friends, and even the larger community of womanhood. The performance asks, "In what ways do women not own their bodies? How are women's bodies and roles defined by other people's norms and ideas of what they should be?" Using lyrical, repetitive movement, intense color, and feminine dress Syowia's work experiments with the tensions of female identity.