Accessing the Devine


The work is partially inspired by the book Sacred Sexuality in Ancient Egypt: The Erotic Secrets of the Forbidden Papyrus by Ruth Shumann-Antelme and Stephane Rossini. Accessing the Devine has in the center of it a ceramic penis that is surrounded from above by a mammoth glowing vagina. As a viewer the first thing you see is the penis but once the vagina comes into view you are drawn to it’s beauty and the tension between the two sculptural elements is felt. They are almost connecting but not quite. The vagina is hard to recognize immediately unlike the penis and once you do – you can’t stop looking at it – which for the artist was the pun, as vagina’s are often such a taboo.

  • Format

    Clay, fabric, wire and light bulb

  • Size

    Approx. 2.5m by 4.5m

  • DATE

    The Godown Art Centre
    Nairobi - KENYA