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Between Us


This is the third post and we are pretty excited about it.
We wanted to remind everyone about the Live Art Performance taking place this Saturday the 5th, start is 5:30pm at the GoDown Art Centre.
Exhibition and Installation to the performance will run till the 19th July 2014

The exhibition has been on for two weeks and we have hosted several workshops.
It's been an exciting time, people have raised interesting questions and have stumbled upon a variety of underwear and other household paraphernalia, causing discussions about the assumptions we make, societies, history, money, class structures, power, relationships, sex and all the grey bits in between.
The live performance is not to be missed, it's not often you get to interact with visual art in such a manner, - it's not a music performance, it's not theatre, it's not dance, it's live art. Be a witness.

Tickets are still available at Kuona Trust, Circle One Gallery, One Off Art Gallery, the GoDown Art Centre, and at the gates this Saturday.

For more information please visit our FACEBOOK PAGE or call Damaris on +254 715 125127 or mail at

Our Crowd Funding campaign at Indiegogo ended. We got 930USD!! We would like thank each and everyone of you who contributed. Please do know our gratitude is profound! Your crowd funding Perks are on the way. We thank you.

BETWEEN US is an experimental multi media produ-ction by incorporating live art performance, installation, photography and video taking place over four weeks. In this work, Kyambi collaborates with artist and choreographer James Mweu to create material that examines contemporary viewpoints on themes that are central to her practice: the body, gender issues and social perceptions. Between Us aims to unravel and examine critically our perception of what is acceptable, what is private and the meaning we impose on what we see, informed by how we are shaped by the society we live in and the conventions we live by.

Reminder: Please be aware that the nature of this project is of adult content.

See you then!