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NAIROBI / april 11, 2016

Beauty & the Norm and Upcoming events

It’s been a busy first part of the year and it’s too late to say happy new year even though I still feel like I’m in January!
Iwalewahaus, Bayreuth hosted a conference that brought together academics from various universities in Europe and North America who presented their research finding on various topics around the debate of the standardization of beauty.

BIEA / november 10, 2015

Moments during the Performance & Installation COUNTER ACTION (I) at the BIEA.

Hi guys, the last weeks have been kinda crazy, what? Right after the Installation and Performance at the BIEA, (British Institute East Africa) on the 24th I left for France to continue with "Body talk”. I am now am on my to IWALEWAHAUS- Bayreuth for My "MY MOTHER'S MOTHER installation.
THAT ASIDE....I wanted to share with you some moments I had during my performance & Installation piece - COUNTER ACTION (I) at the BIEA's Remains, Waste and Metonymy: A critical intervention into art/scholarship

BIEA / october 24, 2015


A critical intervention into Art/Scholarship

I will be doing a performance which is a work in process currently titled, Counter Action (i) the work uses red soil, black & white video projection, tailored white trouser suit, foundation cream, black wig, fake fingernails, knee stockings, fake eye lashes, pair of white pin point high heels.

IWALEWAHAUS / may 26, 2015

Future of Africa – Visions of Change.

The Middle Class Project

This is the beginning of a new body of work that will showcase in a group exhibition in November at Iwalewahaus. My research questions include, how class as a cultural and emotional process shapes women’s experiences and orientations.

WIELS - BRUSSELS/ VIDEO / march 14, 2015

Syowia Kyambi performs Fracture (i) at WIELS in Brussels

The Kenyan artist Miriam Syowia Kyambi performs her work 'Fracture (i)' at the opening of the exhibition Body Talk at WIELS, center for contemporary art in Brussels.
The performance discusses the question of how people can pile up the pieces and continue their lives after all the horrors they have been through.

WIELS - BRUSSELS / February 25, 2015

Body Talk - Feminism, Sexuality and the Body in the Work of Six African Women Artists

By a curious coincidence, upon my arrival in Brussels for this Installation & Performance; I met a woman on the train who had been beaten up by a group of men. One fake nail was gone, her first finger was swollen and bent, when she lifted her shirt there were small blood stains on her white tank top, the side of her rib cage was bruised.

Goethe-Institut Auditorium - Nairobi / december 05, 2014

Book Launch

The end of the year comes with good tidings. This has been a long time coming and I am super excited we are finally launching my book: MIRIAM SYOWIA KYAMBI, a Contact Zone series. The book includes an introductory essay by Annie Coombes titled Mining the Archive, Mapping the Future: Violence and Memory in the Work of Miriam Syowia Kyambi and shares details about my installation and performance works, collaborative projects as well as curatorial projects.

Somerset House, London / october 16, 2014

1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair

1:54 is a platform for galleries, artists, curators, art centres and museums involved in African and Africa related projects and aims to promote art by established and emerging talents amongst an international audience.
On Friday 17 October, Syowia will give a public talk at the Somerset House on her informal collaboration with James Muriuki. They will share their individual processes and discuss how they influence each other. Syowia’s film ”Between Us, 2013" will be screened same day from 12 - 1pm.

Go Down Art Centre / July 03, 2014

Between Us - Installation & Live Art Performance

This is our third post and for some of you who have just joined us for first time! Welcome! We wanted to remind everyone about the LIVE ART PERFORMANCE taking place this Saturday the 5th, start is 5:30pm at the.
The exhibition has been on for two weeks and we have hosted several workshops. It's been an exciting time, people have raised interesting questions and have stumbled upon a variety of underwear and other household paraphernalia, causing discussions about the assumptions we make, societies, history, money, class structures, power, relationships, sex and all the grey bits in between.