Syowia Kyambi performs Fracture (i) at WIELS in Brussels

Live Art Performance

The Kenyan artist Miriam Syowia Kyambi performs her work 'Fracture (i)' at the opening of the exhibition Body Talk at WIELS, center for contemporary art in Brussels.

The performance discusses the question of how people can pile up the pieces and continue their lives after all the horrors they have been through. What will happen to humanity if people cannot process those abhorrent experiences or mourn the beloved they have lost? People living in the middle of violence and fear need an opportunity to be themselves. They need a permission to feel, mourn, and carry on. The desire for justice is universal.

The original duration of the performance is 2 hours.

Camera & editing: Aldine Reinink
Sound: Thomas Van Baelen
Music: Peter Bille Larsen - Piano Sonata No. 8