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Remains Waste & Metonymy

A critical intervention into Art/Scholarship

Hello Folks. We hope everyone is doing good.
I will be doing a performance which is a work in process currently titled Counter Action (i). The work uses red soil, black & white video projection, tailored white trouser suit, foundation cream, black wig, fake fingernails, knee stockings, fake eye lashes, pair of white pin point high heels.

The soil references a spiritual energy of connectedness people usually associate with being united to the earth. In the final stages of the performance the mound of soil in the space is treated as a burial ground. I will burry my costume in the in the soil and traces of the imprints of where my body lay will remain. The ceiling projection will continue to project black and white photographs of weaponry from different time periods found around the world.

During the performance I will attempt to go into a state of meditation, the duration of the performance is un-known. Meditation as a highest form of emancipation is the key element of this work. How can we become one, go beyond the self and the other and reach a stage where we are everything and everything is us. A utopia where there would be no need for weapons or body armour for self-protection, through meditation finding an overarching space of acceptance.

I will be exhibiting along side
Sam Hopkins | Jackie Karuti | Annie Pfingst | Joost Fontein | Connie Smith |
Neo Musangi | Samuel Derbyshire | John Harries | Meshack Oiro

What we leave behind, for whatever reason, needs reinterpretation. Remains, Waste and Metonymy seeks to address this by analysing the objects that we see as already analysed or dealt with.

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