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  • DECEMBER 05, 2014

The Book Launch

The end of the year comes with good tidings. This has been a long time coming and I am super excited we are finally launching my book: MIRIAM SYOWIA KYAMBI, a Contact Zone series. The book includes an introductory essay by Annie Coombes titled Mining the Archive, Mapping the Future: Violence and Memory in the Work of Miriam Syowia Kyambi and shares details about my installation and performance works, collaborative projects as well as curatorial projects. .

Working on this book has given me the opportunity to reflect on my practice and in a way crystallises the key components about me as an artist. It has given me clarity in my process and I feel that I’m now turning over a new leaf having gained more depth through this reflection.

Putting the book together has taken a small village! Many friends and colleges have given me support over the years and I would like to especially mention the following who contributed in very different ways to the successful completion of this book. The Goethe Institue , Franziska Lukas, Iris Buchholz, Dawn Michelle d’Atri, Johannes Hossfeld, Nabila Alibhai and Annie Coombes. THANK YOU!

At the launch I will have projections of my performance works, photo stills and a small installation. Join me in conversation with artist James Muriuki and filmmaker Robby Bresson as we discuss my practice and elements shared in the book. They both have different insights to my practice as James has been documenting my work for the last ten years and Robby has been filming my processes in Kenya since 2008.
They will also share their opinions and experiences of working in the industry.

After the launch, the book will be available at:

  • Kuona Trust Visual Art Centre Shop
  • Goethe Cultural Institute
  • Bookstop (Yaya Shopping Centre)
  • Roots Contemporary (CREA House)