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Future of Africa – Visions of Change

The Middle Class Project

Hello Folks, I do hope everyone is doing great.
I spent some time in Iwalewahaus in conjunction with Bayreuth Academy for Advanced African Studies. They invited me to work on a large-scale project:
Future of Africa – Visions of Change
. Within this project I am part of a sub theme, Middle Classes on the Rise: Concepts of the future among freedom, consumption, tradition and moral. I felt it important to tie into this project by designing a concept which I am personally already interested in. So for me it was logical to investigate women in both Germany and Kenya and for this particular project limiting it to the middle class, what affects them, how they make decisions in their lives and how history has shaped their current conditions.

This is the beginning of a new body of work that will showcase in a group exhibition
in November at Iwalewahaus. My research questions include, how class as a cultural and emotional process shapes women’s experiences and orientations.

I have returned full circle, to an age-old question – is the sense of self-fulfilment and identity that comes with pursuing a career equatable with that of raising children and should this question still be of relevance to our current time? What are women’s attitudes on motherhood and how does class shape this? How has German history affected domesticity? My current focus is on German women and eventually I will look at Kenyan women in middle class.

The work I produce will in no way provide answers to these specific questions, but I feel that I’m embarking on a life long journey exploring women’s relationships with themselves and the world around them and obviously my own.

For more information on this project, please visit Bayreuth Academy.