Traces of Her Walking Into The Wall (Chapter I Performative Marks)

Performative Mark Making

The body prints of the female figure in Traces of Her Walking into the Wall (Chapter I Performative Marks) is the evidence of her performative actions in the first chapter of Between Us, a performance installation which was presented at the GoDown Art Centre in 2014. In this performance the character is dressed in a business suit and walks into objects in the installation space, passing through buckets of water, other performers within the work, audience members until she slams into a wall. She does so repeatedly. Her character evolves in the second and third chapters of the trilogy which was presented in Ostrale Centre for Contemporary art, Dresden and at the Delfina Foundation, London in 2016, as well as Gallery Mitte im Kubo, Bremen in 2018. I created this series of body prints, using ashes, bone pigment, graphite powder, and adhesive. I am in the process of exploring methods of mark-making, creating tangible outputs of the performative actions and ephemeral moments in an ongoing performative installation, Between Us.

Works on Paper:
Ash, Archival Glue on Paper 


170 x 328 cm 
(100 x 170 cm each)

Galerie Mitte im KUBO, Bremen, Germany