What's Wrong Dear Jane?


What’s Wrong, Dear Janereferences several emotions and relationships I have with being a woman and functioning in our society. The performance work starts with lyrical movements using lots of colour and texture between the costume I wear, my movements, and the femininity of the fabrics. The piece climaxes using tension, creating a harsh moment, creating the sensation of danger, pain, and destruction. The work then uses mechanical actions. The one hundred figures, which are installed at the end of the performance, represent a hundred more strong women like the ceramic piece but also references’ the idea that the female body belongs to the community. The notion that as individuals women are open and non-conservative but when it comes to belonging to a community, be it the community of family or the community of the neighborhood, village, friends circle or the larger community of womanhood, women don’t own their bodies, or rather her body becomes part of other peoples norms and ideas of what should be. This is what this work explores and experiments with the tensions this creates.

Performance and Installation: Installation: ceramic, wooden guard baton, stocking, braided rope, mirror. Performance duration: 3 hours



Variable Dimensions

Kenyan Art Fair, Nairobi, Kenya, 2014