Balancing Act

Diptych Video Installation

Balancing Act (working title) is a work in progress that started in 2016 during my residency in Lamu at The Factory. This film was shot in the sand dunes. I created a cocoon shaped raft made from woven palm tree fibers that are normally used for housing and shelters. I performed together with Longinos Nagila, another artists from Nairobi where we each carried the other for 10 steps in the cocoon structure. The film is about trying to carry someone when its no longer possible. The body in the cocoon is too heavy. It’s not an easy thing to pull and move. I’m in the process of going back to Lamu and shooting again the second phase where this raft is burnt and some sort of movement and sifting through with the body of these ashes in the sand dunes takes place.

Diptych video installation (work in progress)


Dimensions variable