Between Loving and Me

Participatory Audiowork

This ongoing work was initiated for the occasion of the Serpentine Galleries Miracle Marathon in 2016. I invite you to record and submit stories of your own relationships that have created or affected change in a community or family. I'm interested in relationships that created changes in the way we think and function in the world for example the large scale civil rights changes in society, in particular, the Loving v. Virginia case in 1967 which saw the United States Supreme Court invalidate laws prohibiting interracial marriage. Any story that focuses on personal relationships, specifically love, that have affected your life. Your stories will make up the sound work, Between Loving & Me. To share your stories, submit as an MP3 format to You can visit to record yourself. Please note, by submitting your stories, you give consent for the Syowia Kyambi to use these on as part of a sound work installation.

Participatory Audiowork outputted as radio programme



Serpentine Galleries, London, U.K.