Between Us - Chapter 2


Between Us is an ongoing project initiated in 2013 that incorporates a process of using performance as a method of transforming an installation. A mixture of choreographed moments and improvisation examine contemporary viewpoints on themes that are central to Syowia’s practice: the body, gender issues, and social perception. There are repetitive elements used within the performance installations such as double-sided mirrors, domestic workers uniform, a ladies business skirt suit, ladies nightdress, a Kaunda suit, and armchairs, however each production has its own specific narrative situated with the context of the space the work is being presented in. This chapter subtitled Double Consciousness unravels and examines critically our perception of what is acceptable, what is private, and the meaning we impose on what we see, informed by how we are shaped by the society we live in and the conventions we live by. The work stages socially engaged, layered narratives that draw universal emotions associated with vulnerability, disruption, perception, and beauty.

Installation & performance: Installation: double sided mirror, fabric, clothes hangers, metal buckets water. Performance duration: 2 hours 20 minutes


Dimensions variable 

Delfina Foundation, London, UK. 
Ostrale Center for Contemporary Art, Dresden, Germany