The hours, (working title) is a video installation can that can either be projected with several monitors or projected with two projectors. I started this work in 2019 on the outskirts of Berlin during the Field Kitchen Academy a residency. I was confronted by memories of my childhood visits to Germany. I was reminded of my experiences of being observed, exorcised the experience as a child of not really belonging to my family because I was being treated as Other. The work consists of a series of five minutes shots each hour for one day in the same place on the grass. I simply, silently remain present for those five minutes looking as much as possible directly into the camera. And the other component of this video installation is a series of clouds filmed from the same location for a day, five minutes each hour in my home in Kenya. The camera is always in the same position for every hour for five minutes per hour, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. This is a self-portrait representing both Kenya and Germany. The sky for me is infinite, the meeting of the sky and the land is kind of wholeness and it is a statement: I am making for myself that I’m here; I’m not going anywhere and I come from these two places.

Self Portrait (work in Progress)
13 channel Video Installation

2019 - ongoing



Field Kitchen Academy  Residency, Berlin, Germany