Rose's Relocation


Rose is a character I created for a previous performance installation titled, Fracture (i). In Rose’s Relocation, Rose struggles with coping in her current environment, Metz, a small town in France. The digital collages portray her in this town with superimposed images of her memories of her mother’s home. A series of five works are presented in a golden frame that is reminiscent of the kinds of frames that a middle-class Kenyan household might use to present images of their family members. As much as living overseas often is seen as a great accomplishment, it also often presents a great burden, and can provoke feelings of isolation and loss for many. In Kenya and specifically in the capital city, Nairobi, there is a narrow viewpoint on what it is to be successful. Generally, success is measured with materialism that stems from capitalistic ideals. This current construction includes a value system based on a communal identity, the result of which often creates violent and vulnerable circumstances.

Digital C-Type / Fuji Matt Paper. Edition of 5 & 1AP


28.2 x 38.2 cm (each)

Iwalewahaus, Future Africa: Visions in Time, Bayreuth